Hohner Panther Accordion

Hohner Panther Accordion

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Beautiful love songs and heartbreaking stories of betrayal, mixed with powerful anthems against social injustice and old folk tales. The variety of themes in Vallenato, Tex-Mex and Norteño is impressive - as is the number of suitable accordions. Especially for beginners, who dare the first steps into the world of South American and Mexican music, it is almost impossible to choose the right instrument. Therefore we have added the Panther to our range, a beginner accordion especially for Vallenato, Tex-Mex, Norteño and similar styles.

Number of notes: 31
Buttons: 31
Button rows: 3
Class: diatonic
Voices: 2
Keys: G/C/F, F/Bb/Eb
Standard basses: 12
Size: 30.5 x 19 cm / 12” x 7.5”
Weight: 4 kg
Color: black
Reed plate quality: standard
Straps: Standard straps
Case: color carton

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